George's Green Thumb

                                     By George Costa

                                  Spring Garden Tasks

Many of us have various spring flowering bulbs planted throughout our yards and their individually colorful flowers give us inspiration and anticipation for the coming year. Many of us are also blessed with the opportunity to be able to have a yard in which to divert ourselves as much as possible from today’s health concerns. 

We may not be able to associate as closely as we have so I am hoping that I can lighten up your day with some simple yet timely garden tips.

Dead Heading Spent Daffodil Flowers

I have several varieties of daffodils planted throughout my home with some beds still producing faithfully after over 40 years. So, what’s the secret to having a kaleidoscope of color each spring? 

One important garden task that we all should be knowledgeable of is the deadheading of spent flower heads. We do this to a variety of plants in order magically trick them into believing that the lost their seeds for next year. “OH, MY I LOST MY KIDS” Now they are forced to produce another crop of flowers. However, having said that garden fact, deadheading spent daffodil will not produce another flower. What it does accomplish is having the bulb now divert all its energy into the buried bulb for the following spring. 

Allow the Daffodil Leaves to Wither away Naturally

I know that the leaves will remain for several more weeks and you’re desperate to fill that empty spot with something else for the remaining season. LEAVE THEM ALONE! I let my daffodil leaves turn brown and shriveled, then I just give them a slight thug at the base and they easily detach. Another trick I use is to lightly braid the leaves after deadheading so that they don’t appear floppy. 

There you have it. Hope it gives you just a little more garden savvy into a garden’s season. I hope you enjoyed this gardening note. George  

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